Wedding Dress Trend – Sexy Back

Wedding Dress, the most important dress of a woman in her life. Even though we only wear it for one day, it leaves the most beautiful memory in our lives. This is why we are crazy about it!

Sexy, the best word for bridal gown trend in recent years. Millions of sexy back wedding dress pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, but which Sexy Back Style is right for your body type? Let’s talk about it today!

(Pictures are from Enzoani and Sophia Tolli)

1. See through sexy back wedding dress with straps:

Sexy and Elegant.

–Perfect for bride who need coverage for church wedding, but also want to look sexy on their big day.

–Straps and see through tulle also give more support for busty bride.

–For really skinny bride, this style can also show off your curves without looking too skinny.

Nude tulle in Picture 1 is a new popular color which blends in with skin color leaving the lace floating on skin.


Enzoani_2016_Pro_Kamila_wedding dress

Designer Wedding Dresses from 2016



2. Keyhole back or backless wedding dress

–Sexy and Easier to wear than the see through back styles above.

–Brides with wider back, V back or crossing straps is a better choice than keyhole back

Show off some skin with the right cutting will actually make you look skinner than you are.

MT0129 - Lace Backless Mermaid Wedding Dress




Blue_2016_Pro_Ingram_Wedding dress toronto



3. Strapless with half see through lace back wedding dress

–Classic, low key sexy. New for the season.

–Stronger support for bodice comparing the other two styles above.


Blue_2016_Pro_Ipswich_Wedding Dress


Hope this is helpful for brides who’s looking for a wedding dress. If you need further help, please feel free to contact us for an appointment @ 647-351-6588


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