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How to Prepare for Your Wedding Dress Appointment

One of the most exciting, emotional, and fun days of your wedding preparation should be the day you select your wedding gown. When else can you play dress-up while wearing such stunning dresses?

But without adequate planning, the experience might quickly become overpowering. And nobody wants to turn into a bridezilla or leave without a dress.

This blog post will discuss what to wear for wedding dress shopping and what you need to do before your wedding dress appointment to have an stress-free experience.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

A wedding requires extensive planning, which also involves arranging for the perfect dress buying. This entire process takes time, from the initial consultation to the last fitting.

There shouldn’t be a rush if the shopping procedure start as early as a year before the event. This offers you 2-3 months to look through gowns, try them on, and choose one if you want a mermaid wedding dress, iconic princess dress, strapless wedding gown, and more. It then takes you 4-6 months for the dress to be delivered to you, followed by 1-3 months for tailoring and final fittings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and complete before your bridal appointment to ensure that your shopping trip and wedding planning journey is joyful and exciting!

What Are The Proper Outfits For My Dress Appointment?

PROPER Undergarments

We advise bringing any foundation clothing that you would most likely wear underneath your wedding gown to your meeting so that you can get the best idea of how the gowns will fit in the end.

Wearing a nude strapless bra and other undergarments is vital for modesty because a bridal stylist will frequently be in the dressing room with you working with the gowns.


Heels are not needed for your appointment. You can skip wearing shoes to your dress shopping consultation because each bridal dressing room has a unique pedestal for the bride to stand on. Make sure you have the shoes before going to the seamstress for fitting once you have received the dress. Heels are the key for the seamstress to adjust the length of your wedding dress.


You are invited to bring any meaningful jewelry or accessories you know you’ll be wearing with your perfect wedding dress to complete your bridal appearance.

In addition, our stylists can assist you in selecting the ideal jewelry, headpiece, veil, and belt combo to go with your outfit.

When Buying A Dress, How Much Should I Spend?

The cost of wedding dresses might vary based on the designer, the fabric, and the level of craftsmanship. We can choose the best dresses for you if we know in advance of your consultation what price range you feel comfortable with.

We aim to assist you in finding a dress that suits your price range while also making you feel beautiful. Without your explicit consent, we won’t remove clothes that are out of your price range.

Additionally, every dress will need to be altered for the ideal fit. Please remember to account for alteration in your wedding budget.

Choose Which Family and Friends Members are the Most Helpful to Bring.

Looking for a wedding dream dress with your closest friends present might be wonderful or disastrous.

Don’t bring more than three individuals with you, if possible. And ensure that the folks you invite are honest yet respectful. Everyone has different taste and you don’t want to be distracted and pick the wrong wedding dress.

Consider bringing your wedding planner if you have one. Wedding planners have a lot of experience and will have suggestions you’ve never even considered!

Prepare Yourself to Share your Thoughts with your Consultant

Speak up if you don’t like an outfit a consultant brings you! Don’t be concerned about upsetting her. Trying on too many different dresses might confuse you.

The wedding consultant only wants the bride to purchase items that will make her feel beautiful and happy. Now is the time to talk openly and honestly about your passions.

Budget for Extras Like Alterations and Accessories

Most brides are aware of their dress budget, but it’s simple to overlook additional expenses like wedding shoes, belts, jewelry, the veil, and adjustments. It will probably cost you money to alter your dress in any way, whether it be to lower the neckline, add sleeves, or add lace scallops.

Additionally, if your wedding is coming up quickly, you might have to pay a rush fee to finish the dress in time.

Eat Food Before Your Wedding Dress Appointment

It’s exhausting to shop all day long! When getting ready for wedding dress shopping, your thoughts are scattered all over the place.

Eat something before leaving, please. Get something into your system, whether it’s a full meal, a granola bar, or yogurt. We assure you that it will make the shopping journey lot easier.

Your mood and attitude toward the dresses and other people can be impacted by hunger. You don’t want to feel stressed out and pick the wrong wedding gowns either. Even better, consider taking a snack for when you need a pick-me-up.

It’s a fantastic idea to schedule a lunch break in between visits if you have several bridal shops scheduled in a single day. So, before continuing the shopping experience, you and your group will have a chance to unwind and refresh over something delectable.

Additionally, it allows you to talk about what you’ve previously seen and anticipate seeing in upcoming appointments.

Remember that eating too much or a particularly oily meal may make you feel unwell and possibly bloated. Eat something full but light instead.

Reduce your Own Pressure

Don’t feel you have to meet standards for how a bride “should” look. Finding a dress that matches your personal style is your goal; you don’t need to appear entirely different for your wedding.

There should be no distinction between today and any other day. It will merely be a wedding-gown variation of what you already wear.


During their appointments for the wedding, many brides enjoy taking pictures. Memories permit pictures during your session, unlike some bridal salons.

However, candid photos of you wearing an non-fitting dress do not adequately capture how stunning you will appear on your wedding day.

When picking your wedding dress styles, you shouldn’t rely on photos; instead, go with the one that makes you feel most confident. We are happy to schedule another appointment to put the favourite dress on again to make sure you say “yes” to the dream dress.

Select the Ideal Entourage

It’s okay to tell your bridesmaids, mother-in-law, aunts, grandmothers, and other family members about this experience. Remember that bringing a large entourage can cause issues and tension. a lot of tension

There will be more viewpoints the larger your entourage. While having a variety of viewpoints can be beneficial, having too many can cause conflict.

People in your group might start to feel frustrated because they feel their opinions aren’t being heard. Keep in mind that your opinion is the most crucial one.

Bringing two or three of your closest friends or family members could increase your likelihood of finally saying “Yes! “to the gown. These special individuals, who might include your mother, sister, maid of honor, best friend, or future mother-in-law, are the ones you would love to include in your wedding gown shopping experience.

You will receive the frankest feedback if your support network is small because they are the ones who know you the best. They’ll love the dress even if they’re not particularly fond of it because you do. A fantastic bridal appointment will result from having the right people.

Use As Little Makeup As Possible

Remember that you’ll probably be trying on pricey ivory, white, champagne, or silk wedding gowns. We advise wearing very little makeup since you don’t want to be held liable for cleaning a dress with your makeup on it.

You don’t want to arrive at your appointment, though, looking like you just got out of bed. When you put on a wedding dress that is meant to make you feel great and gorgeous, this unprepared appearance can not give you the correct impression.

Put on comfortable number of cosmetics that makes you feel most at ease! Maybe a little moisturizer, foundation, blush, and mascara to give those cheeks some color.

Make sure your hair is styled to mimic the big-day hairstyle you are considering. For instance, if you are certain you will wear your hair up in a low bun on your wedding day, do so if possible while trying on wedding dresses. This will give you a more accurate idea of how you will appear, and your consultant will be able to locate the ideal accessories to match your gown.

Remain Open-minded

One of the most crucial wedding dress purchasing advice is this! You’ve done your homework and know the dress trends you wish to explore.

You might even believe you already know the style you’ll buy. Despite everything, keep an open mind when you enter the changing room.

The only way to determine whether you like anything is to put it on, as bridal gowns are produced in shapes that are not often worn in daily life. While bringing must-have outfits to try on, be open to recommendations as well.

The consultant assisting you during your visit is knowledgeable about the various designs, forms, and silhouettes. They are there to help suggesting looks that might fit your body type and size.

Everyone will appreciate the appointment better if they have an open mind. In addition to being honest with your feedback, don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone.

Tell the stylist what you likes, dislikes, and, most importantly, what you feel comfortable wearing. The comments very important assisting them in finding your ideal wedding gown!

Think About your Wedding Location

When choosing a wedding dress, keep in mind the location of the event and the wedding’s theme for flawless coordination. This is why finding the dream dress should be the first step for your wedding planning. Having the dress settled, will help you figure out the rest of the wedding them easier. A consistent look and theme for your wedding is ideal, though you could also choose to be purposefully mismatched.

Trunk Show Shopping

Trunk displays offer the chance to view, try on, and buy the newest bridal gowns from the most recent collections of designers. Special discounts are frequently offered for trunk show dress styles, and occasionally the designer or a company representative may stop by to answer any concerns you may have and assist you in finding the ideal gown.

Key Takeaways!

We all have fantasized about trying on a gown in front of our loved ones and falling in love with how we look. Regardless of who you bring to your appointment, your viewpoint always precedes. Do your homework in advance to be ready, but be flexible when deciding whether or not to try on various designs.

Don’t let other people’s opinions override your own, and trust your gut.

With our list of tips, you should be ready to have the best wedding dress shopping experience.  Make the appointment today at Camellia Wedding Gown, and let the shopping begin!